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Contemporary history has not erased the legend of Waterloo, it has increased its lesson tenfold. The drama that unfolded in Belgium, when Napoleon chose to take his destiny into his own hands one last time to confront Wellington's Anglo-allied troops and Blücher's Prussian army, has been told hundreds of times by historians. It has also inspired poets and philosophers and, more recently, cinema has also taken up the Battle of Waterloo to put it into images.
The facts as for them, are at the same time glorious and dramatic: on June 16 in the morning, Ney discovers in front of him the crossroads of Quatre-Bras, solidly occupied by the vanguard of the army of Wellington. At 2 p.m., he launched his attack. All afternoon, the battle rages, the losses are heavy on both sides. At the end of the day, the men are dying of fatigue and the fight ceases without a real winner. On the same day, Napoleon defeated the Prussians at Ligny.
Two days later, Napoleon found himself facing Wellington south of Waterloo. Both armies have approximately 70,000 men. Napoleon's plan is simple: make a central attack against the English, having secured their wings. But things don't go as planned. The Hougoumont farm resisted all attacks, the offensive of the 1st Corps was cut short and the mad charges launched by Ney were not enough to bring down the enemy. Soon the Prussians emerge on the right of the French. Napoleon must then wage a defensive battle. The Guard attacks one last time. The Guard retreats and it is the end: the great Napoleonic epic died on the evening of June 18, 1815, in the plain of Waterloo.
In memory of this mythical battle, let us give in to Commander Lachouque's invitation: "Pilgrim of Waterloo, stop for a few moments near the Belle-Alliance, in front of the eagle with broken wings, in the place where Napoleon saw his star disappear on the horizon. Look at the peaks of Mont-Saint-Jean, Hougoumont, the valley of La Haye-Sainte; Collect yourselves before those who have been sleeping since this day of struggle to the death. You will understand that a European drama has come to an end, the curtain has fallen on the last act, which began on June 2, 1812, when the Grande Armée crossed the Niémen”.

Quatre-Bras and Waterloo 1815 are battles that place players in front of many challenges: assaults on fortified farms, cavalry charges, organization of large artillery batteries, management of reserves or exploitation of reinforcements. Will Napoleon manage to find the fault in the defensive system of the English? Will Wellington have the guts to hold his line against the best army in the world? Will Blücher arrive in time to decide the fate of the day?

Composition of the game

  • 2 cards 59 x 83 cm
  • 432 pre-cut pawns and markers
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 scenario booklet
  • 1 game aid

Game scales

  • Units: 1 strength point for 250 cavalry, 350 infantry or 3 guns
  • Time: 1 lap for 90 minutes
  • Map: 400 m per hex
  • Game time: 2 to 10 hours of play depending on the scenario
  • Complexity: 7/9


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Good feel for the battle

So far, I have only played the Quatre Bras game (twice solo and it is on the table for a face-to-face tonight). Both games were a Coalition victory. There are two variants (1) Ney can use the Guard Cavalry without penalty (2) d’Erlon’s I corps arrives for the french as a reinforcement, which I think will be an interesting prospect considering the historical impact of their absence.

Game parts are really nice and all aspects (map / counter / rules / play aid) are clear. There is a bit of depth to the system, so for your first game, expect the rules to be in your hands a lot. In my second game, I referred to the rules much less.

I like the way that the system handles cavalry and the way detachments to fight over the fram houses are used. I have enjoyed play so much that this game has caused me to buy others in the system

The game does coame in a card case, but the way that The Little Corporal package their stuff, it arrived in perfect condition.

Norm Smith | UK | July 2022

Excellent game

The production quality is top class and with only 12 pages of rules this isn’t a complicated game to learn but still manages to portray period feel and has some neat game play.

With two games Quatre Bras and Waterloo it’s great value

graham cummings | | June 2022

Nice coloured counters, well set out rule book, nice playable maps.

It does not come in a closable box and counters could get lost!

Philip Portway | Pont-Henri, Wales | June 2022

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3 Customer Reviews

Waterloo 1815

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