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After separating from the Ostrogoths as a distinct individual group in the 3rd century AD, they moved south to conquer and occupy the area known as Dacia, which is in modern day Romania. For a while they attacked the Romans across the Danube, but in 376AD the Emperor Valens welcomed them across the Danube to settle in that area. His plan was to use the Visigoths as a buffer zone between Rome and the rampaging Huns, however the Visigoths became disgruntled with certain Roman liberties being taken, and when famine struck and Rome declined to help the Visigoths revolted against their host and inflicted a massive defeat on Rome at the Battle of Adrianople in 378, in which Emperor Valens was killed. 

Their most famous leader was King Alaric I, who after serving as a Roman military commander, revolted and with his Visigoth warriors, sacked the city of Rome itself in 410AD. They then migrated to Spain t crate a new kingdom of their own. 

This Army Pack contains

1 x General VGBi01

24 x Heavy Cavalry VGB02

72 x Foot Warriors VGB06

12 x Skirmishers with bow VGB06

12 x Skirmishers with javelins EBBG12


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Visigoth Army Pack

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