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"It Rolls For Ivan" is a set of rules for playing Brigade and Divisional level battles in the Russian Civil War. Based upon the innovative and successful "For Whom The Dice Rolls" rules for the Spanish Civil War, "It Rolls for Ivan" uses the basic framework, but has been enlarged and modified to allow for the unique aspects of the conflict, including massed cavalry, armoured trains and troops who often really don't want to do as they've been told. As with "For Whom the Dice rolls" the basic unit in the game is the battalion, and battalion level tactics are the foundation of the mechanisms. Forces are normally one or two brigades (or Regiments) aside, each with three to four battalions and supporting arms, although the rules will cope with more. The rules enable the vast sweeping manoeuvres of the war, and enable all the various formations to be replicated, including those of the Interventionist powers. Troops are differentiated by their training and their willingness to be there at all. Command and control is driven by a normal pack of playing cards but is not completely random. Players are dealt a hand of cards each turn based upon the effectiveness of their army's command structure and an initiative roll. The different suits enable units either to move automatically, or potentially refuse to do so. Players can over ride recalcitrant troops - but beware. Too much pushing and they may break completely. The system enables coordinated actions to take place, but they need to be well planned and are subject to greater risk and place more strain upon the use of command resources. The rules are intended for using with 15mm figures, based to popular game basing conventions, but will work equally well with smaller and larger sized figures. Perfect for the 10mm Pendraken range of figures.


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