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In 1688, a coalition of the Netherlands, England, the Holy Roman Empire, Spain and Savoy joined together in a "Grand Alliance" in an attempt to restrict the ambitions of King Louis XIV of France. The war would last until 1697, giving it its more common title "The Nine Years War". It was a  truly complicated conflict which also involved the "Glorious Revolution" with the Dutch William of Orange taking the throne of England, the start of the Scottish Jacobite Rebellions, and William's Irish Wars to quash remaining support for the previous English king, James II, who still wanted to regain his throne. 

It also saw the transition from the standard 17th century and renaissance arms of pike and shot, gradually become exclusively shot, with the invention of the bayonet and its development from plug to socket design, rendering pikemen almost obsolete by the end of the period.

This army pack contains all the basic troop types to get this army on the table.

1 x General 9YWGB01

12 x Cavalry RESBG01

24 x Veteran/Guard Musketeers 9YWBG17

12 x Veteran/Guard Pikemen 9YWBG16

48 x Raw Musketeers RESBG05

24 x Raw Pikemen RESBG04

2 x Artillery and crew 9YWBG11


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Irish Jacobite Army 1689-1691

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