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"For Whom The Dice rolls" is a set of innovative tabletop wargame rules for Brigade and Divisional battles in the Spanish Civil War. The basic unit for the game is the battalion, and battalion level tactics are the foundation of the game, within the structure of one or two brigades aside (although the system will cope with more and will function for multiple divisions) . The rules enable the early "column" period of the war to be played, as well as the more formal battles that arose as the war went on. Troops are differentiated by their training and political commitment, to simulate the wide variety of forces that took part. Command and control is driven by a normal pack of playing cards but is not completely random. Players are dealt a hand of cards each turn based upon the effectiveness of their army's command structure and the willingness of the component parts to co-operate with each other. The system enables coordinated actions to take place, but they need to be well planned and are subject to greater risk and place more strain upon the use of command resources. The rules are intended for using with 15mm figures, based to popular game basing conventions, but will work equally well with smaller and larger sized figures.


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For Whom The Dice Rolls

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