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Diex Aie 2 - Return of the Danes
Diex Aie 2 - Return of the Danes
Diex Aie 2 - Return of the Danes
Diex Aie 2 - Return of the Danes
Diex Aie 2 - Return of the Danes
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Product Description

DIEX AIE 2 ("God help us!", The battle cry of the Dukes of Normandy) traces the resistance of the Saxons to the establishment of the "Norman yoke" in the decades following Hastings. DIEX AIE 2 offers a campaign game allowing to generate tactical scenarios which are played on the cards of the series. DIEX AIE 2 is the continuation of the game GUISCARD 2 . Like the latter, DIEX AIE 2 is a complete game, with playing counters, cards, rules, scenarios and game aids.

DIEX AIE 2 is a revised and expanded version of the original DIEX AIE game which is now out of print. It adds a new faction with the Danes, a new map of a Saxon village, rules harmonized with the latest games in the series and 5 new scenarios.

What's in the box

  • 4 colour tactical hex-maps that can be assembled in multiple ways;
  • 3 sheet of A4 double-sided playing counters in colour;
  • 2 A3 colour campaign cards;
  • A 36-page full-colour rulebook (in French or English );
  • A 36-page booklet containing the history, description of the counters, 17 tactical scenarios and 4 campaign scenarios (in French or English );
  • 6 game aids (in French or English );
  • 1 10-sided die.


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Diex Aie 2 - Return of the Danes

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