Our latest BATTLE FOR WARGAMERS is now online - The Battle of Old Byland 14th October 1322 - Special 700th Anniversary extended edition
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1x General (3Cv or 3Kn)—ROBR14/ROBR17 * 1x Equites or Alares (3Cv)--ROBR15 1x Equites Dalmatae (2LH)--ROBR20 or Welsh Gentry (3Cv)--PICT14 1x Equites Catafratariorum (4Kn)—ROBR18 * or Alares (3Cv)—ROBR15 2x Legionari (4Bd)—ROBR12 or Peydt (4Sp)—ROBR11 5x Cohartales or Numeri (4Ax)--ROBR04/05 or Peydt (4Sp)—ROBR09 1x Archers (2Ps)—ROBR07 *Please note that the horses will be barded with a front leather band and not armored Total figures: 21 Cavalry and 58 Infantry

**Please note that the picture is not of the contents of the army but simply provided to give a sense of what the figures look like.


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Armies of the Dux Brit, Com Lit Sax, Britannia Prima, Ambrosius, Riothamus or Arthur (407-470 AD)

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