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The Little Corporal

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I am passionate about wargaming and history, as I'm sure most wargamers are. This site is a humble attempt to bring all wargaming things together on one site. 

Why?  ........ Because I love wargaming.

My Story... 

As a sixties child with "old" parents who not only lived through the war but were active within it and grandparents who were active in the First World War, I was brought up on first hand anecdotes and stories that were recounted every time a war film came on TV.  I was destined to history/wargaming.

At 5 years old I was bought my first "toy soldiers" in the form of Timpo plastic cowboys and Indians. I played with them constantly until aged 8 when my mum bought me my first Airfix plastic soldiers - British WW2 and Afika Korps from memory, at Binns (now House of Fraser) in Middlesbrough.

Soon after, aged 9, I was hypnotised by the TV series - BATTLEGROUND 1978 - literally televised wargaming. I was from then on smitten.

In 1980 my mum, after being away with work a few days, brought me back a present,  Panzer Leader boardgame,  and a few weeks later I discovered Military Modelling magazine with no end of wargames figures advertised as well as a notice that "Middlesbrough Wargames Club" had a new secretary; me aged 12,  I wrote immediately to join.

The rest they say is history....

...well not exactly. I then spent a long time in the nursery and electronics industries as well a brief spell as an estate agent, before seeing that my autumn years should be spent with a passion that has been with me almost all my life; so The Little Corporal was created.

We are not just another "sales site", we have no ambitions of grandeur: our aim is simple. To bring together everything that inspired me 40 years ago; figures, books, history, but most of all., community - in one place .

I give you The Little Corporal

We are delighted to be awarded the SBS Small Business Award by Theo Paphitis in May 2020